・2018.1 Bingo Game Event

I got a black heat tech as a prize at the bingo game event. I still use it in winter.

・2018.11 Tori no ichi

This is a photo of Tori no ichi.Meal after the event is one of Storia’s pleasures.

・2018.12 Meeting

It is a photo of meeting.In many cases,meal is served at meeting.

・2018年12月 year-end party

It is an photo of sushi at the year-end party. It was dellcious.

・2019年3月 Event

We regularly hold events. I had a valuable experience of eating soba until I was full. I love soba so I have good memories.

・2019年9月 Summer party

This is a photo taken at the summer party. Many of our employees love beer.

・2019.11 Tori no ichi

It is a photograph at the time of the Tori no ichi in 2019. President is handsome.


It is a photograph of visiting Ise Jingu in 2019. I think We will go next year.

・2020.1 Year-end party

A year-end party in January 2020. At this time, the number of employees increased, and I remember that it was a year-end party where I felt the momentum.